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Peer Mentoring: We’re in This Together

Maureen Garbutt

This initiative continues to be an active Faculty resource for new and experienced Profs. Your Peer Mentors have enjoyed connecting with the new hires of January 2016. We encourage new faculty to reach out to their Peer Mentor even if there are no concerns or questions. Faculty often have questions or other items come up throughout our first years and it is helpful to have a strong connection with your peer mentor. If all else fails, the Peer Mentors are always in the wings waiting to aid in any way we can. We also are pleased to consult with our experienced faculty.

If you see us in the halls, reach out and say hello. We are currently participating in one-on-one meetings, classroom visits and anything that meets the needs of our faculty members who are new to our institution. It is our goal to ensure every new faculty member has a touch-point they are comfortable with, in the event that questions or challenges arise. As you may be preparing for a visit into your classroom by your AD, it may be helpful to have a Peer Coach meet to help you prepare. Remember, we ensure absolute confidentiality on any matter you wish to discuss. We hope that your 2016 is off to a great start! You can reach us personally or through the Union Office, extension 4065.

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