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The Colleges of Ontario Collective Agreement Expires September 30, 2017

Jack Urowitz

Our Collective Agreement, first ratified in 1986, needs some more updating. When first conceived there was no ubiquitous email or online presence. ‘Office Hours’ is an anachronism with 24 hours a day Virtual Office accessibility. Degree courses are not even mentioned in our, otherwise brilliant but outdated, Workload Formula, Article 11.

We are about to begin the 2017 provincial bargaining process. Our Local was well represented at the opening weekend of bargaining planning and discussions on March 12 and 13. We have two more provincial meetings between April 13 – 16, and the June 4 - 5 weekend. Next Fall we will be electing a provincial Bargaining Team, collecting bargaining demands at each Local, and finally amalgamating them into a united set of demands.

There is much we have to do as a Local. We are still early in the process; in the last round of bargaining we were the first of the 24 colleges to submit our Local Demands. Details will follow in WildCAAT Updates and on our website and in person when representatives of the Bargaining Team visit Sheridan during our General Meetings dedicated to our Bargaining Demands.

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