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Academic Freedom ???

VRA - Voluntary Recognition Agreement

Stories Inside:

Thoughts on Sheridan’s Journey: Reporting from Deck Top

Management Will Not Guarantee Faculty Successor Rights

Peer Mentoring: We’re in This Together

Eye On UCC

SWF’s: Electronic or Paper Copies?

Budget Update

Academic Freedom: Why Should You Care?


Accommodation Redux

Changes to Local 244 Website: Electronic SWF Tool

Your Pension Promise is 110% Secure

The Colleges of Ontario Collective Agreement Expires September 30, 2017

WildCAAT Editor/Contributor: Jack Urowitz, Logo Amir Avni
Articles by Jack Urowitz, Doug Greenwood, Maureen Garbutt, Fred Koch, Anna Baas Anderson, Terry Kostiw, Carol Ann Waite, David How, Kevin Forest.
Webmasters Kevin Forest, Jack Urowitz.
Local 244 Stewards: President, Jack Urowitz; First VP, Terry Kostiw; Chief Steward, David How; Associate Chief Steward, Leeann Henry; Second VP, Marcel Nelson; Secretary Treasurer, Carol Ann Waite; Paul Angelini, Anna Baas Anderson, Leslie Butler, Daniele Cerri, Kevin Forest, Maureen Garbutt, Doug Greenwood, Fred Koch, Kanchan Kurich, Peter Larson, Brian Mahaffy, Sonia Persaud, Anna Wachholz

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