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Update on Recent Memoranda of Understanding

Below are summaries of three Memoranda of Understanding that management has signed with us in the past 6 months that stand as evidence of the constructive work behind labour-management relations at our college. And we are working on a fourth to protect Partial-load Profs more than does our Collective Agreement.

MoU: Job Security

“… in support of the Sheridan Vision and harmonious labour relations, the parties hereby agree to the following: 1. No full-time member of the bargaining unit who has completed the probationary period will be released from the College's employ during the life of this agreement (9/30/14 - 9/30/17) as a direct result of the College's transition into a university.”

MoU: Compensation for Hoteling

Concerns from the Pilon School of Business PSB, led to the ad hoc WE Committee, see sidebar, Local 244: Riding Shotgun on the Journey in response to HMC’s initiative to withdraw individual office space from Professors and replace it with a locker and common usage desks. The pertinent quote follows, the details of which have been reviewed by the WE Committee. This will give the affected Profs the option to annually deduct home office expenses from their income tax.

“The parties agree that, effective January 1, 2016, individual full-time Professors who are not assigned an individual workstation and whose home campus is the Hazel McCallion Campus will have their employment conditions amended to include the requirement for them to have a portion of their personal residence designated as work space for the purpose of conducting Sheridan business, hereafter called a “home office”. The College and OPSEU Local 244 agree to allow such an amendment to the employment conditions of individual bargaining unit members…”

MoU: SWF Deadlines

This MoU was requested by the Workload Chair, Terry Kostiw, and UCC in response to ADs contravening the Collective Agreement by delivering the next Academic Year’s Fall SWF at the same meeting as the Spring/Summer SWF. Since we have 5 days to sign our SWF back to our ADs, we were shaving 6 weeks off the Collective Agreement’s calculations. We would have won a College-Union grievance on the breach of timelines and so forced the extra meeting and later WMG referral deadline.

However, after researching the matter, we found that some Profs liked the two SWFs in one meeting. So we worked out the following MoU:

“In instances in which a teacher is formally assigned a workload under article 11.01 and 11.02 for a work period greater than 120 days from the date of the assignment, the parties agree to the following: 1. The teacher can refer the assigned workload to the workload monitoring group, as per article 11.02 A 4, until 5:00 pm on the fifth working day following the date by which the workload would need to have been assigned as per article 11.02 A 1 (a).”

More on this in the sidebar, Workload Monitoring Group: SWFtly Speaking.

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