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Workload Monitoring Group: SWFtly Speaking

Terry Kostiw, WMG Union Chair

Just a quick reminder that your Winter 2016 SWF’s are due November 17th. Hopefully you have already discussed your upcoming workload with your AD, but if not, this should be happening soon. You should also be aware that under the current CBA you have 5 working days to sign back your SWF from the date of receipt. If you are not in agreement please check off WMG and always feel free to call or email me with any questions or concerns.

As well, we are now seeing a new practice emerging whereby ADs are negotiating workloads and preparing SWFs for semesters beyond your immediate next semester. (i.e. Winter and Spring semesters at once). In most cases this is mutually agreeable by faculty and management but please be aware that your Union has negotiated a local agreement whereby the 5 day period to sign back any future SWF is effective from the time the SWF would normally be due, that is 6 weeks prior to the semester start. For more on this agreement see page 7. Download the chart above from our homepage.

One of our new stewards from FAST, Kevin Forest has developed a working SWF Chart that contains the info as per pages 4 & 5, but is interactive and will give you the chance input your own workload calculations. You will find the link on our website.

Again feel free to contact me or the Union office with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the SWFing process.

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