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Local 244

Bargaining Updates 2017

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Bargaining Season Is Upon Us

Here is a quick synopsis of what will transpire between now and September 30, 2017, when our current contract expires.

We bargain collectively as the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology - Academic Division. We are a division of the Ontario Public Service Employees’ Union. This past Fall, delegates from the 24 colleges met and elected a bargaining team. You can read about the whole process and about the membership of the Bargaining Team in their first Bargaining Bulletin found here - .

The Team’s first outreach to members was a provincial survey. Two members of the Bargaining Team will be coming to Sheridan on January 30 to discuss the provincial findings and to hear Sheridan professors’ priorities first-hand - details below.

Here are the times and rooms for the Demand Setting General Meetings:

Monday January 30

Davis Campus

11:00 - 12:00

Room A206

HMC Campus

2:00 - 3:00

Room A466

Trafalgar Campus

5:00 - 6:00

Room C208

If you haven't sent us your personal email please do so as soon as possible to receive Local 244 correspondence, and confidential Bargaining updates.

In other news:

Your SWF Explained

Looking to learn more about your SWF? Download this handy guide. You can also keep an eye on this space for an online tool that you can use.

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