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Local 244


Dear Faculty, Counsellors and Librarians,

The items discussed at our last General Meetings are ongoing. You can read more detail in our Winter 2016 WildCAAT, linked on your left or check out a summary below.

Voluntary Recognition Agreement (VRA):

If Sheridan becomes a university by legislative motion our Collective Agreement (CA) would be null and void. Your Local Executive, along with OPSEU legal, is composing a VRA where we asking the college to sign to guarantee that our CA would remain in force until we have a replacement Agreement. This is an insurance policy only to be used if legislation strips us of our CA.

Academic Freedom:

The Local Executive has taken the initiative to compile our position on matters of Academic Freedom. We believe that Faculty and not the VPA’s Office should have final word on all such decisions. Come hear our interim report.

Constitutional Amendment:

Last year’s Steward Election proved problematic because of OPSEU’s Constitutional requirement that stewards can only be elected by majority and not plurality vote. We would like to take a Motion from Sheridan Local 244 to the convention to add a paragraph to the Constitution, that in all balloted elections a plurality will suffice.

Electronic SWFs:

The college is asking the Local Union to forgo paper SWFs for electronic copies. We are seeking your opinions.

More on all these later,


Your SWF Explained

Looking to learn more about your SWF? Download this handy guide. You can also keep an eye on this space for an online tool that you can use.

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