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 +====== Budget Update ======
 +**Carol Ann Waite**
 +{{:​wildcaat:​winter2016:​wildcaat5b.jpg?​nolink&​200 |}}The 2015 budget year saw income of $222,​625.24. Expenses for the same year were $62,966.81. As a result, Local 244’s contingency account - GIC investments - increased by 16.3% from $1,075,000 end-of-year 2014 to $1,250,000 end-of-year 2015. 
 +The 2016 budget was passed at the General Meetings held at the Davis, HMC and Trafalgar campuses on January 18, 2016. Projected income is estimated to be $210,000 given adjustments will have to be made to individual areas, and GICs matured without renewal as we are preparing for contract negotiations. ​
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