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  ​~~NOTOC~~  ​~~NOTOC~~
 +====== The College Employer Council Thwarts Part-time Faculty Vote Again ======
 +The CEC, our old "​friends"​ from the last strike, are up to their old tricks once again. The College Employer Council is (once again) obstructing efforts to count the votes from the precarious, part-time workers at our Colleges who are trying to unionize. ​
 +OPSEU head office has started to circulate an electronic petition. A copy of this petition will be delivered to the CEC, the president of each College, and the board of governors of each College. You can help out the plight of our precarious part-time workers by signing the petitions:
 +ENGLISH: [[https://​​fairness_for_contract_faculty|​fairness_for_contract_faculty]]
 +FRENCH: ​​equite_colleges
 +At this time, there is no word as to whether or not the CEC is going to be sending out the College presidents with Timbits in an effort to pacify us.
 ====== Ford Tears Pages Out of Our Collective Agreement – MESS ====== ====== Ford Tears Pages Out of Our Collective Agreement – MESS ======
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